Brands with a mission

should rely on more

ethical marketing.

Trusted by organisations
curating ideas worth spreading.
preserving the oceans' depths.
helping victims of sexual violence.
selling more durable clothes.
fighting disinformation.
all acting on sustainability.
Better impacts through:


Transform the perception of your brand as static elements to a set of mission-reflecting experiences called "moments-that-matter" along the entire consumer journey, delivered by stakeholders pragmatically embodying your focus on sustainability.

Web Design

Your communication materials should reflect your commitment to sustainability. The platforms we develop aggregate state-of-the-art features, no matter your budget: performant UX/UI, light speed, low carbon, privacy-friendly, accessible for all.

Dedicated service for TEDx events.


Stop funding Surveillance Capitalism with a ton of ads that don’t even deliver (that will probably be banned soon anyways), leaving your audience with eroded trust and their fundamental right to privacy jeopardised. Contextual Advertising: being relevant where it makes sense, just delivers better.


Who said events can't be covid-safe, cost-effective, sustainable, and still fun? Our holistic approach rooted in ISO 20121 helps to transform physical events into environmental-friendly, inclusive, and memorable gatherings that finally benefit to all stakeholders.


The way we represent communities nudges our opinions and behaviours towards them. Checking for false stereotypes and stigma about marginalised, under-represented, and discriminated groups matters. It paves the way for a more inclusive conversation.


Train your teams, organisation, clients, and other stakeholders in a factful way about the state of ethical trends in marketing, why they matter societally and how they simply make more sense economically.


Born & CEO at 367ppm, Thomas Garnier (he/him) has extensive experience helping progressive, SDG-committed brands (companies, foundations, NGOs, non-profits) ethically align their communications with their sustainable missions. His global perspective and eclectic background – ranging from data protection & copyright law, to the philosophies of ethics and environmental science – have made him a recognised expert with the unique tools to respond to today's most pressing issues in marketing: respecting citizens' privacy, thinking through our ecological impacts, and improving diversity, accessibility, and inclusion without sacrificing on fundamental economic imperatives.

Thomas started his journey with TED, where he's co-founded and curated one of the largest TEDx events amongst European universities, extending his network to the most brilliant minds in academia, tech, and governance. He has also worked and studied in six different countries and is currently based in Vienna.

Photo: Thomas Garnier
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