My name is Thomas Garnier (he/him), I am the CEO of 367ppm. I help committed organizations like yours to communicate more responsibly, so that your methods and materials are truly aligned with your mission for impact.

My goal is to prove that communicating more ethically is not only a moral imperative, but that these efforts are a virtuous asset for your financial health.

My global perspectives and eclectic background - ranging from Data Protection and Copyright Law , Moral Philosophy and Environmental Sciences, to Psychology and Gender Studies - form a coherent body of knowledge that gives me the tools to help organizations communicate better and address the most pressing issues of contemporary marketing: respecting the privacy of citizens, thinking deeply about our ecological impacts and their magnitudes, and insisting on issues of inclusivity, accessibility, and diversity, without giving up on fundamental economic imperatives.

This vision is brilliantly synthesized by Julia Faure in a TEDx Talk that we produced in 2020: « A new way to define successful brands ».

My journey began in 2017 with TED, where I've co-founded and organized one of the largest European university TEDx events. This experience has opened the doors to me to a rich network of people involved in fabulous projects all around the globe, but most importantly, it made me understand that the challenges of our era require a multidisciplinary, intersectional, and engaged approach. Nothing less.

In my toolbox:

Brand Alignment

Sustainable Web Design

Project Management

Newsletter Planning

Social Media Strategy

GDPR Consulting

Visual Identity

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Worked on 30+ projects

Clients in
three countries

20+ websites

You're probably wondering what 367ppm means.

It was the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at my birth, in parts per million: ppm. A central indicator in the fight against the climate crisis that some activists mention to highlight the alarming evolution since the industrial revolution.

This is the name of my freelance company. If you are bursting with curiosity and want to find out your number, the full record of measures since 1958 is available here.

Graph showing the sustained and continuous increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration since measurements began in 1958.

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I currently (February 2024) have the capacity to collaborate on new projects, so your contact is welcome.

Access to more responsible materials should not depend on the size of your budget. Sustainability efforts are therefore included in all my packages by default. Price differences will only be related to the size of your project.

Depending on the opportunity, I sometimes seek out other freelancers to collaborate with (for motion design or testing out accessibility features, for instance). Please reach out if you offer complementary services to mine. I will give preference to profiles of groups facing systemic oppressions: LGBTQIA+, non-white, disabled, women.

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