Sustainable Web Design
for TEDx events

5 minutes

Special events call for special websites

At 367ppm, we understand the unique needs and challenges of organising a TEDx event, especially when it comes to building the event’s website: complying with the branding guidelines and rules, while building an identity that sets your event apart as unique, professional, and aligned with your theme. So that sponsors, speakers, and attendants understand they’re contributing to something special, as Chris Anderson puts it.

We offer a specialised web design and development service, specifically for TEDx event organisers.

With our expertise and experience as former TEDx event organisers, we can create a visually stunning and user-friendly website that showcases your event in the best light possible. We will work closely with your team to understand your event's theme, goals, and vision, and we'll use that information to design a website that aligns with your message.

Practical, long-lasting platforms

That works also for after your event: to build a video platform (live or on-demand) that highlights your Talks, speakers, sponsors, and the languages in which the Talks get translated by the wonderful TED Translators community.

The TEDxCannes has a page for each Talk, designed like a streaming platform, with subtitles. This way, when the team shares the Talk to the community, they share the link to the website, driving more visitors to watch the event's other Talks.

In addition to our design skills, we also have a deep understanding of the rules of TEDx event websites. We'll ensure that your website is fully compliant with all TEDx guidelines and requirements, so you can focus on hosting a successful event.

Going one step further, always

Because a website should also be an idea worth spreading, we apply our Sustainable Web Design methodology to build a platform as insightful, respectful, and ethical as your mission. That means adopting a privacy-by-design approach, minimising environmental impacts, and rendering the website as accessible and inclusive as possible. Additionally, we think through your domain name strategy, and optimise what can be done in terms of SEO, redirections, and subdomains, to have a functional digital ecosystem for the community.

You are still at the beginning of your event? Or would you like to scale up for the next edition? And would you like to have the eyes of a former organiser specialised in the development of more sustainable platforms? Look no further. Contact us today to discuss how we can help make your event website a success.

We’ve contributed to,, and are currently working with upcoming events.


Born & CEO at 367ppm, Thomas Garnier (he/him) has extensive experience helping progressive, SDG-committed brands (companies, foundations, NGOs, non-profits) ethically align their communications with their sustainable missions. His global perspective and eclectic background – ranging from data protection & copyright law, to the philosophies of ethics and environmental science – have made him a recognised expert with the unique tools to respond to today's most pressing issues in marketing: respecting citizens' privacy, thinking through our ecological impacts, and improving diversity, accessibility, and inclusion without sacrificing on fundamental economic imperatives.

Thomas started his journey with TED, where he's co-founded and curated one of the largest TEDx events amongst European universities, extending his network to the most brilliant minds in academia, tech, and governance. He has also worked and studied in six different countries and is currently based in Vienna.

Photo: Thomas Garnier
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