Respect for your Data*

*Also titled as 'Privacy Policy' by companies who most often don't respect yours.

We've built this website, and operate our company, with strong privacy-by-default principles.

We do not collect any direct or indirect personal information about you on this website when you visit it. Check it yourself here.

We do not use “cookies,” small bites of code that would allow us to identify unique users by a temporary device-related ID. We host our Website on Webflow, whose privacy policy is here.

Some of you will voluntarily share some personal information with us when you when you reach out to us via email. We will not rent or sell this voluntarily shared data to third parties without your explicit consent, unless required by law. If we are compelled to share data about users with law enforcement, we will attempt to notify those users.


We take reasonable steps to protect the data that we collect. The data that we store is encrypted. We use HTTPS and enable 256-bit SSL to encrypt the data sent to and from our website. Secure Frame Headers is also activated to protect our site from several kinds of clickjacking attacks by restricting where it can be embedded.

We are members of the Global Encryption Coalition, to protect ourselves and our partners.

However, although we make sincere efforts to store information collected in a secure environment, we cannot guarantee complete security and possible attacks against the services we use.


We do not run Google Analytics on this website (see why here), rather we're happy to use and support Fathoma simple, fast and cookie-free alternative that strives to do things more sustainably.

Fathom doesn't use cookies and complies with the GDPR, ePrivacy (including PECR), COPPA and CCPA. Using this privacy-friendly website analytics software, your IP address is only briefly processed, and we (running this website) have no way of identifying you. As per the CCPA, your personal information is de-identified.

By the way, don't waste time using illegal and unethical email trackerswhen sending emails to us – to know our location and when we opened your message, DuckDuckGo and Apple Private Relay make sure to preserve our privacy too 😉

What's next?

We're currently working on transitioning to an e-mail service we'll feel good about: such as ProtonMail or Fastmail. Our internal communication tool is now Signal, since we've decided not to use WhatsApp anymore.
We don't store our documents and information on Google Drive either, and we're thinking of using ProtonDrive or pCloud, as well as rooting our internet activities through ProtonVPN.

Although those measures could sound a bit too much to some, we strongly believe privacy and data protection are not about having something to hide, but rather fundamental rights. We're happy to do our part.

Some work we love

- 'The Markup', a nonprofit newsroom that watches the watchers.
- 'NOYB', a truly game-changing organisation on data protection in Europe.
- 'Privacy is Power: Why and How You Should Take Back Control of Your Data', a book by Carissa Véliz.
- 'Facebook's role in Brexit – and the threat to democracy', Carole Cadwalladr's TED Talk.
- 'Democracy Under Attack: One Man's Journey to Get His Data Back', David Carroll's TEDxMidAtlantic Talk.
- 'The Age of Surveillance Capitalism', a book by Shoshana Zuboff.
- 'The Great Hack' movie on Netflix, though we recommend reading this article commenting Britanny Kaiser's portrayal in the movie and her former role at Cambridge Analytica.

In a continuous effort to learn and do more, our team has also taken the time to complete courses in Data Science Ethics, Privacy in the Western World, Privacy in Europe, Privacy in the USA, Media Ethics & Governance.

We are an Industry Supporting Member of Tracking-Free Ads, a coalition of political leaders, civil society organisations, and companies from across the EU that are committed to putting an end to the pervasive tracking advertising industry that dominates the internet today. In January 2022, we expanded our support to a similar coalition based in the US: the Ban Surveillance Advertising group.